VIBar 2.0: Barcode generator (39, 93, 128, Ean13, I2to5)

VIBar 2.0

- generates and prints barcodes; - line-barcode types: 39, 93, 128, Ean13, I2of5; - TrueType-barcode types: 39, 39 extended; - you can use any other of barcode TrueType fonts installed at your computer; - you can repeat one barcode as a list so many times as you want; - you can make (export) a txt-file with a list of your products and open this file in VIBar to get a list of according barcodes;

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TechnoRiver Barcode Font 1.0: Premium Barcode Font for Mail Merge, Cystral Reports and .NET applications

TechnoRiver Barcode Font 1.0

TechnoRiver Barcode Font is a set of high quality, professional and premium barcode fonts for generating barcodes within your organization. TechnoRiver supports the symbologies Code 39 , UPCA/EAN13 , Code 128(A/B/C), I2of5, Modified Plessy and Industrial 2 of 5 barcodes. The package has been designed to meet strict industry specifications and the fonts are carefully calibrated to ensure maximum scannability and readability.

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Aeromium Barcode Fonts 2.1: Aeromium is a set of high quality, premium barcode fonts.

Aeromium Barcode Fonts 2.1

I2of5 Barcode - Interleaved 2 of 5 high density Barcode for numbers ITF14 Barcode - I2of5 with Bearers Bar Modified Plessy Barcode - Numeric only Barcode based on the original Plessy symbology POSTNET Barcode - US Postal UPCA Barcode - Universal Product Code version A UPCE Barcode - Universal Product Code version E EAN13 Barcode - European Article Numbering 13 EAN8 Barcode - European Article Numbering 8 ISBN Barcode - International Standard Book

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